Tribute Bernardo Sassetti

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The Wake of an Artist – Tribute to Bernardo Sassetti

“ Listening to the way Alberto Conde play Sonho dos Outros and Noite-Alice I only can think that they woukd be good friends if their roads crossed more often, recognizing in each other some of the same human qualities. For my part, I can only feel privileged to have met, and socialized with, both Alberto and Bernardo. The Little contribution I gave to the realization of this Project has a huge significance for me. Thank you Alberto, and thank you Bernardo, for such lovely music…” Rui Eduardo Paes.

    Taken by Lisbon – Alberto Conde de León / Pablo Beltrán – 7.29

    The Wake of an Artist – Pablo Beltrán – 5.35

    Música Callada – Federico Mompou – 5.21

    Monkssetti – Alberto Conde de León – 5.37

    Double Refraction – Alberto Conde de León – 6.47

    O Sonho dos Outros – Bernardo Sassetti – 4.11

    Reflexos – Bernardo Sassetti – 5.40

    Embalo para Bernardo – José Valente – 12.10

    Noite – Alice – Bernardo Sassetti – 7.30


Alberto Conde – piano

Carlos Barretto – bass

Alexandre Frazão – drums

Artista invitado en tema 8: José Valente – viola


Recorded on November 27 and 28, 2018 at the Namouche Studios in Lisbon by Joaquim Monte, asistants: Jérôme Durant and Margarida Adão.

Mixed and Mastered at Savik Studios Sound, Ponte Caldelas – Pontevedra.

Mixed by José Trincado and Alberto Conde. Mastered byJosé Trincado.

Indoor photography – Alexandre Cortez.

Graphic desing – Travassos.

Produced by Alberto Conde de León

Ejecutive production – Pedro Costa / Trem Azul.


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